1964 Mercury Monterey Breezeway Sedan – $6,999

64 MMBSc - 1
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64 MMBS - 21

1964 Mercury Monterey Breezeway Sedan
Salem, OR, 97305


Mileage: 33,817
Engine: V8
Transmission: Auto
Drive Type: RWD
Exterior: White
Interior: Blue


1964 Mercury Monterey Breezeway. This car is completely original with the exception of one repaint many years ago in original color (although the top may have been blue from the factory). While the car is not currently in perfect condition, the body, chrome and interior look very good and draw attention wherever the car goes. Car has the original 390 and 2bbl which runs very well, the automatic and the Merc-O-Matic 3 speed automatic transmission which operates well as expected. Power Steering and brakes work well. While the car drives very well, it would benefit from ball joints and bushings in the front end. The body is very good and shows no rot, with some light areas of surface rust where paint is damaged. It is possible the driver's side front has had some repair in the distant past (perhaps when painted?) although this is only speculation; other than that possibility, the body appears solid and original, with solid floors and trunk. The interior is original and shows wear and damage consistent with age and use, although is still very presentable. The Breezeway window works just right, as does every other system to which I am aware. This car is originally from Colorado, east of the mountains, and has fairly recently made its way to Oregon, and so, along with the low miles and history of being continually garaged, has managed to escape the ravages of weather and decay that affect so many. The car currently belongs to my father and his brother, who purchased it a few years ago with a deep sense of nostalgia for cars like these that they had and drove together "back when." Both men have realized that car simply sits in the garage, as neither of them have the physical capabilities to use or restore it as they had hoped. We are hoping it goes to a garage where it will be used regularly and properly appreciated.