1968 Ford Mustang Fastback – $46,000

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1968 Ford Mustang Fastback
Shrewsbury, NJ, 07702


VIN #: 8T01C158141
Mileage: 90,010
Engine: V8
Transmission: Manual
Drive Type: RWD
Condition: Good
Exterior: Lime Gold (light metallic green)
Interior: Black


1968 Ford Mustang Fastback conversion (see details below)
Runs & Drives!
Shelby GT500-Style aesthetics
Freshly Painted (done by professional body shop)
COLOR: close to originally offered Lime Gold Ford color code

Technical Specifics: (engine, trans, etc.)

Transmission: 3-speed manual (from a 6 cyl)
Engine: Ford 302 small block V8 (stock, 1968. Rebuilt)
Carter Carburetor
Edelbrock intake
Hooker headers
Exhaust has H-Pipe and Flowmaster mufflers (nothing crazy)
Front Disc brakes / Drum rear


Shelby GT350/500 Fiberglass hood, trunk lid, nose and side spoilers
Carpet (black)

gas tank

lower control arms and ball joints
front disc brakes/pads
Tires are New, old stock (if you know what I mean)
New center caps included (not pictured)
All GLASS new (except front windshield, which is in great shape)
All weather stripping
Tail & Reverse lights
(Regular Mustang style, I thought the Shelby-style looks ugly)
Door Handles
Door Mirrors included, just not installed)
Headliner and A-Pillars (black suede-look)
Door panels
Dash trim

NOTES on other parts and general condition:

American Racing Outlaw 2 Wheels (not new, but great condition)
Racing steering wheel
Dash Pad (Newer, nice shape)
Frame connectors
Rear brakes newer and adjusted / Newer master cylinder
New metal installed into front floor pans
ROLLBAR installed
SEATBELTS: Upgrade to 3-point lap and SHOULDER harness


Modern, comfortable, black leather adjustable (from Hyundai Tiburon) Recaro style
Featuring: High back / Quick-lever at top to flip seat forward for backseat access /
Mechanical memory of last recline position

BODY & AESTHETIC DETAILS / Modifications / Known History:

History of the car > base 1968 Mustang Coupe. 302. 3-speed. Red in color. 8 inch

I bought this off an older guy who is a Hot Rod builder (a professional body-shop
mechanic/welder/painter by trade). He converted this car, originally a COUPE, to a
Fastback! So he did most of the really hard work!


He cut the entire top off another 68 stang that had been left in the mud up to its
door handles. The top, in excellent shape, was beautifully and professionally mated
to this cars lower body.

I acquired the vehicle (now fully fastback) in rough primer, with a rough-working
drivetrain and no interior.

I wanted to give it the Shelby GT500-look with the originally-offered Lime Gold
metallic green color! So the fiberglass nose and rear were ordered in that style.
And you see how beautifully the paint came out!

I did not really want to over-personalize this build. But I did make some non-
original choices for the purposes of safety and comfort. Namely, the seats and
belts. The car still feels like classic muscle, but I am a DRIVER I feel so much
more comfortable and in control when cradled by a modern racing-style seat! I also
dont trust lap beltsso in went the 3-point harness!

Not a fan of the look of Shelby taillights, I opted for the regular Mustang 3-panel

FRAME: Its had some repairs over the years with some good patch steel sleeved over
in the front, welded and bolted in place, etc. I went over all of it.nothing bad.

FLOORS: Were replaced with patch steel and doubled up in places. Front torque boxes
were made of steel and put into place. All done right, custom made. No reproduction
parts here.

Firewall is great, not rotted. Under dash is NOT rotted in the common places either.

There was some type of frame connectors put in place (possibly from a stint in
racing at some point?) I just left them, along with whatever was present that looked
good, strong, and fit for future racing upgrades.

Front and rear chrome bumpers are older. Very nice, just a little faded

All body panels / door skins / fenders / are new! (except roof)

Rear frame and leaf springs are in nice shape

It all came together so well! The seat and seat belt upgrades were icing on the
cake, making it extra enjoyable (and safe) to drive!

Items still needing to be Finished / Checked:

NO rear seats or interior panels in the back.

As it stands, the doors line up and close nicely - but fitment adjustment is needed
for door windows

Speakers/Radio - set up, but not working

Parking brake needs hooking upCable link is there though!

No hood latch

No rear fastback glass molding trim. I have for you the front window trim, and wiper
arms (Has no wiper motor.)

Needs the little stuff done to it now, some wiring and fuses and stuff like that
need to be gone over.

The 302 in it was rebuilt years ago and then sat. It also has a 3 speed in it that
was from a 6 cyl car.

Even though it runs nice and works, I am not a fan of this engine and trans set
upJust not my cup of tea. I had planned to convert this to a full-on Big Block GT500
drivetrain setup! But Im stopping for nowthatll be your job, if desired!


THIS CAR IS NOT: All-Original, numbers-matching, absolute perfection, 100%
complete, a real Shelby.
In other words.Can you drive this car to the block at Barret Jackson and get a
million bucks.NO!

In other words. Can you drive this car around the block and LOOK & FEEL like a
million bucks.HECK YEAH!


The 68 Mustang Fastback has always been *THE* CAR to have/buildIve wanted one since
I was a little kid! And Ive had such a blast checking this one off my bucket list,
making it BEAUTIFUL, SAFE, and FUN again!

But Im a CAR GUY, blessed and cursed with TOO MANY projects LOL! Also, since my
father got diagnosed with cancer, Im running out of time... I need to dedicate more
time to family right now. I dont have the ability to finish this car the way I want,
nor enjoy it so it would be stupid for this to just waste away in my garage unused!

Ive gone as far as I wanted on this build, and to a point where it looks and drives
great! But its NOT overdone nor over-personalized. Stopping now spares me the time
and money I need for other life-stuff right now, but also keeps the price super
affordable for you!

Youll have room and money left to finish the car to your personal taste since all
the HARD STUFF IS DONE! If purchased now - youll also have time to finish her out
before the summer car show circuit revs up!!

UPDATES I made on the car (since pictured for Hemmings):

New Firestone Firehawk raised white letter tires
Scoops are installed
the GT500 stripes
"SHELBY" lettering on the nose
chrome window frames and other decorative trim on the nose area
Brace added in the engine compartment
installed the square bezel around the base of the shifter
also the "extra stuff" included with the sale, pictured in the trunk