1968 Rover 2000TC – $11,500

68 R2000TC - 1
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1968 Rover 2000TC
San Diego, CA, 92120


Mileage: 36,000
Engine: 4 cyl.
Transmission: Manual
Drive Type: RWD
Exterior: Arden Green
Interior: Tan


This car was originally purchased new in 1968 in Vancouver, BC. It was built for the North American market, and therefore is a left hand drive example. The owner drove the car for 7 years and accumulated only 33,000 miles. It was used only infrequently and for special occasions. In 1975 it became hard to start, and he put it into storage. In 2014 he passed away with the car still in storage.

In late 2014 a BC area Rover enthusiast bought the car. With help from another Rover Club of Canada member they restored it to working condition since 40 years of storage had rendered many of the systems inoperable, including the engine. Items addressed included: the engine, gas tank and fuel system, brakes, clutch and brake master cylinders and servos, replacement hood, differential, transmission replacement, shock absorbers, rear differential, brake lines, battery, rebuilding the carburators, etc. The finished car was featured in an article in the Rover Car Club of Canada publication.

Since I acquired the car and imported it to the US in April of 2021 items that needed addressing included: brake master cylinder and power booster servo, new tires, musty smell from mildew, electro-mechanical clock, exhaust resonator, hood struts, occasional leak from some seals, and extensive polishing and treatment of exterior paint surface and bumps. The paint is getting tired, and there is a small area of rust on the right rear fender wheel arch lip. But, the state of the interior and exterior trim is remarkable considering the years that have passed since it was new. The car is reliable and surprisingly easy to drive in modern traffic, and it generates comments.