1973 Trevis Sprint – $14,800

79 TrS - 1
79 TrS - 2
79 TrS - 3
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79 TrS - 9

1973 Trevis Sprint
Burlington, IA, 52601


Engine: V8
Transmission: Manual
Drive Type: RWD
Condition: Excellent
Exterior: Orange & White
Interior: Black



The hood is modified from original look but is original hood. Rear wheels are wide
five alum . wheels with adapters to fit 6 pin hubs. Lots of chrome and original
homemade in & out box. Has original dash panel but with digital memory tach and has
original seat. Has fresh 350 engine with dome Pistons H-beam rods alum. heads and
engine has been bored 60 over. It has original hilbourne injection and fuel pump. I
have documentation on history of this car from a past driver. I have raced this car
in vintage races for 10 years before the new engine. Great car. This Sprint car has
an in and out box and was home made back in the day there is lots of chrome and very
safe to race in vintage races. Fresh engine and I have raced it several years. I have
documentation on this car from the guy that raced it back in 1973 and some pictures
of him with the car. This Sprint car is mostly all original and still has its same
racing #55. Very well built and is a fast car.